about me


HEY YALL. ^thats my face up there.

I'm Jessie.

I'm a huge huge extrovert, and if you know anything about enneagram numers I'm a 7! (basically science says i'm a very strong extrovert who loves a good time)

I love food, travelling, meeting and talking to literally everyone, doggies, and taking photos. I'm 22, have the cutest fur babies named Rooster and Rigby, and live in San Diego. I also have a big garden and live my life like a 45 year old woman and I am thriving.


Even though photography is my full time job, it still feels like the best hobby ever. I love each of my clients and each of their completely different love stories. 


I strive for variety in my galleries I deliver, hoping them to be exactly YOU. What is the point of photos if they aren't who you are? My goal is always natural colors, with a little bit of funk. I'd say my photography definitely shows the day. If you have a moody style, and wedding your photos will look that way. Bright and colorful wedding? You bet it'll look bright and colorful. 

ALWAYSSSS available for travel.

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