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Hi, I'm Jessie.
or Jess. 

Meet Jess

passionate, fun filled, and straight to the point. also wears a lot of turquoise.

I'm the girl who is always laughing and saying things I probably shouldn’t. Think maaaaybe a little unprofessional. I'm very easygoing, incredibly extroverted (like HAS to talk to strangers in every line I'm in and on every flight, sorry not sorry). I believe people are the most interesting thing in the world, and I think that is why I enjoy photography so much. Photography is more than just a career for me, it is a creative passion. I see the world as a beautiful and magical place, and being able to photograph people in this world is a gift. I'll also make you be my friend. We're going to text, and I'll send you inappropriate gifs and make bad jokes. 


life is bitchin, 'aint it?


I'm an outdoors woman, who grew up with parents who made my brother and I try and do everything. I thrive out in the woods where we hunt and fish, and watch the sun come up over the mountains in complete silence. I'm kind of weird for a Southern California grown lady. I grew up in a rodeo family of team ropers and a barrel racing badass momma, who is the reason why I have a career in photography today. 

I'm super emo and cry over everything, god bless my husband honestly. A bridesmaid recently described me as "looking like a black cat but has a golden retriever personality." I think that fits well. 

I've worked and managed my parents Subway, worked for an Aerospace Company, been a server (still one of my favorite jobs ever, hello extrovert heaven), and now a full time wedding photographer.

I love this life I get to live with my husband John, and my attitude filled Cattle Dog, Rooster and our Rottweiler named Hank and our 3rd dog Bill. We live in Wisconsin, and I'm freezing my ass off.

as a photographer,

As a photographer who has been photographed, I understand the reservations and nervousness that comes with the thought of being in front of the camera.

Trust me, it is not as scary as you might think.

I don't stand in front of you and tell you to 'cheese', I take control, and help guide you with weird prompts to make you two laugh, or connect, have a private moment together or swing you around like a rag doll.

If you're the quieter type, my posing and guidance will reflect that. Loud and crazy, oh yeah we're gettin wild. 

On your wedding day, I am not shy, I will orchestrate first looks with dad and the girls, or track down Aunt Barb at the bar because we need a photo with her, literally get in the dance circle and do the sprinkler because it's super lame but I think it's funny.

If you want someone who isn't afraid to holler, fix hair on your face, get a huge group together or tease a groomsman, then I think I'm your girl. I want to work my ass off, and dance with a beer in one hand and a camera in the other for you.

I will literally never leave your side on your wedding (I mean I will sometimes but you know what I mean,) so we have to make sure we vibe. Send me a message, let's chat.


Let's Literally Party.

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